SHEIN Fall Try on Haul

I LOVE me some SHEIN and I’m thrilled for today’s post! It has been months and months and MONTHS in the making LOL (sorry for the delay friends.) I’m also excited that they sent me a few pieces (which will be highlighted) complimentary for my free trial and honest review. Make sure Y’all are following me on IG as I have a giveaway for a $30 Shein gift card!!! YAY!! ** DISCLAIMER: Giveaway not in any way affiliated with SHEIN or IG. It is 100% sponsored by me**

I’ve had many questions from y’all asking for advice on how to shop on SHEIN, what the quality is like and what to buy. I thought i’d share a few tips:

– The quality is comparable to Forever 21. Very trendy pieces that will get you through a few seasons before the trend changes. **There are definitely some higher quality items as well**

– SHEIN has a LOT of inventory so I highly suggest you download their app, create a style profile and make a wish list (definitely make a wish list. I am a firm believer in only buying things you LOVE, not like. stuff you like sits in your wardrobe and collects dust, but stuff you LOVE will get worn time and again.) Shein is really great about collecting info based on your style and finding other pieces you might like as well.

– Read the reviews and look through the pics of non-models in the clothes. Retailers use high-quality lighting, filters, etc. to make items look as best as possible, consumers are honest about items and you can see images in actual lighting.

–   One of the greatest features SHEIN has is their VERY detailed measurements and descriptions of their items. Every item is given exact and actual measurements as well as the type of fabric and even if the fabric is stretchy or not. It’s a game-changer in the retail community!

– Besides SHEIN already having insanely affordable prices. They also have live stream fashion shows once a week on the app and youtube with flash sales and codes for free shipping. Nearly every Sunday Shein sends out emails with codes for free shipping as well.

– Check-in on the app DAILY. SHEIN offers points for those that check-in daily that ranges from 1 point to 15 points a day. 1 point equals 1 cent. it adds up and you can use your points stacked with discount codes too! They also offer points for confirming that you received your shipped items and for posting reviews.

Everything is linked below, just click on the image!

(Side Note: The pop socket on my phone broke *insert sad face emoji* since im getting a new phone case I didn’t want to replace it.)
XoXo, Tiff.

The Softest teddy bear sweat set I have EVER worn. Also comes in white $28 wearing size small (I suggest sizing down)
LOVE this GORGEOUS set. not sheer at all $19 wearing size small
Great quality, form fitted. $23 wearing size small
This skirt is a little sheer, you will need a nude slip. $13 wearing size small (also comes in a matching skirt for little gals too!) also top is not Shein
Love the feminine sleeves of this top. Comes in 2 other colors. $9 wearing size small (bottoms are not Shein)
SUPER lightweight earrings and only $3!!! I know crazy right?!
Top and bottoms are separate pieces. Top: $9 wearing size medium (runs a little small) Bottoms: $19 wearing size small
Jumpsuit runs a little big. wearing size medium $14 (top is not shein)
$14 Comes in 2 other colors. wearing size large, because I wanted an oversize fit (runs a little small)
I received this Sweater complimentary from SHEIN for my free trial and honest review. $22 wearing size small (runs VERY big, I suggest sizing down)
I received this pullover complimentary from SHEIN for my free trial and honest review. $17 comes in 2 other colors. wearing size small
These are 2 separate pieces. Top: $10 comes in 2 other colors. wearing size medium (runs small, I suggest sizing up) Bottom: I received this skirt complimentary from SHEIN for my free trial and honest review. $24 insanely good quality, very thick and warm material. wearing size small

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