Hi there and welcome to my blog!! I’m Tiffany a 5’2, 30-something Wife to my Handsome man Nathan and a mama to my 3 (not so little anymore) kiddos Coby (14), Chase (11) and Caitlyn (9). Born and raised Vegas girl, still stuck in the city, but longs for the quiet of country life (one day soon). I love fashion, books, cooking, MUSIC (i am always dancing to the beat in my head), Dr.Pepper/Coke and Target.

I started this blog as a way to share my passion for fashion, all things beauty/girly, my adventures/blunders in motherhood and everything in between that goes along with my happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Pint Size Glamour Girl will encompass all the things that I love but primarily focused on my fashion finds and style. I have always been a girly girl since I was just a babe and it has never changed. My style is definitely girly, with a touch of everything.

Thank you for Stopping by!

Xoxo, ❁Tiffany❁