Amazon Favorites

Acrylic Makeup Organizer | Air Filters  | Down alternative comforter | Texture spray

Nude slip | Dermaplane razors | Diffusor | Travel steamer | Marc Jacobs daisy

Camel-colored hat | Face mask | Purity facial cleanser | Exfoliating towels | Shoe rack

Madelic toner | Carpet spot remover | Hyaluronic moisturizer | Knot headwraps

Kimono bathrobe | Bodysuit | Beauty blender dupes | Leopard earrings | Curling iron

Doormat  Scrunchies  | Outdoor side table | Phone holder | Capri pajamas | Cups&Lids

Baseball Tee | Cat-eye sunglasses | Hair mask | Bath towels | Body mirror | Bath mat

Island Kitchen chairs | Mens running shoes | Acne patches | Oversized purse | Tumbler

Tablet cover | Bar keepers friend | Quilt bedding set |Bikershorts

Shampoo&Conditioner  | Body pillow | Amazing bed sheets

1. Love this makeup drawer. So easy to keep clean and affordable.

2. I know air filters are random, but these are great quality.

3. This comforter is sooo comfy and plush and a great down alternative. Can use on its own or with a duvet cover.

4.This texture tease doesn’t leave hair feeling dry and brittle and is such an affordable price.

5. I love this slip for under dresses and skirts that aren’t lined and a little sheer. Perfect for a little extra coverage.

6. These razors are great for dermaplaning your face. **I caution you to watch a few youtube videos on dermaplaning before trying**

7. Such a great diffuser. we have 4 of these throughout our house and they don’t leak or cause a mess.

8.LOVE this travel steamer. Lightweight and great quality comes with a bag for storage too.

9.Marc Jacobs Daisy is my fav perfume ever! smells so feminine, but not overpowering and I get it for a fraction of the cost on Amazon.

10. Great quality Hat. Sturdy and affordable. comes in so many other colors too.

11. I have been using this Sugar face scrub for YEARS. I’m a firm believer that exfoliating your face at least 1-2 x’s a week is the key to a great complexion and texture. This stuff is effective, gentile and affordable.

12. I’ve been using this facial cleanser every night to clean my face and take my makeup off for years. it doesn’t dry out my face and yet it melts off my makeup.

13. These exfoliating towels are a great way to get all the dead skin off before using sunless tanner. I use them a few times a week to keep my skin smooth and fresh.

14. I have 4 of these shoe racks in my closet. They’re easy to put together and affordable.

15. I LOVE this Madelic toner. If you’re someone who is very sensitive to salicylic acid, Mandelic is great alternative. you can use this every day or just a couple times a week for treatment. *always be sure to check with your doc or aesthetician before trying any acid out on your skin*

16.BOMB diggity spot remover! Caitlyn spilled her green paint on my carpet and this stuff got it out with the quickness!

17. This is a great moisturizer. I was a long time fan of the Neutrogena version of this, but then tried the Loreal and I just think it works better and is much more affordable.

18. These Knotted headwraps are trending hardcore right now. They’re really comfortable to wear and don’t slip or cause headaches.

19. I have this super affordable Kimono is 2 colors. It’s so pretty and so feminine.

20. If ever you wanted a bodysuit…sister this is it! not sheer at all, great quality, comes in a few colors, has a lightly ribbed pattern, and super comfortable.

21.  The best beauty blender dupe on the market! Comes in a pack of 5 for under $9!! insane right?!

22. These leopard earrings are so dang cute. Very lightweight and comfortable.

23. Great curling iron. my curls stay all day. I have the 1 inch and 3/4 in. barrels.

24. Loving all the buffalo check pattern trend I have been seeing everywhere. This mat is great for the price and that you can wash in the washer and it holds up great.

25. The scrunchie trend is just so fun! I used to collect them as a kid and now Caitlyn is. these ones are great quality for the price.

26. CUTEST little side table. It is a little lower than a typical table, but great quality for under $13. Comes in a few other colors and held up well on my front porch in the 100+ degree vegas heat.

27. This little cellphone holder is awesome! Made of metal so great quality I love to set it on my desk and watch peoples IG stories while I work.

28. These pajamas are really great quality and soft. They do run a little bit big, so I would size down.

29. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of Starbucks, Sodas, and whatnot that I will go and buy every day, these cups are great quality and affordable especially if I want a travel cup and cant bring my tumbler along.

30. I love a cute baseball T. These are great quality, soft and I love how the V-neck doesn’t dip low that’s always the problem I have buying v-neck Tee’s, they’re always so gosh dang low cut!

31. The quality of these cat-eye sunglasses is so great. Less than $10 and come in a bunch of colors.

32. Great hair mask! smells so good and I use it once again to help keep my hair looking and feeling healthier.

33. These towels….WOWZERS! They’re insanely good quality for the price. They are so thick and soft. Come in lots of colors and so affordable for the set.

34. This full-length mirror is HUGE. It comes in a few colors as well and for the price and free shipping….HUN-NAY I am HERE FOR IT!

35. Very soft bath mat. Holds up well wash after wash. Lots of other colors and patterns.

36. Great counter height chairs. Come in lots of different colors and heights. I paid under $100 for a set of 4. They’re also made by a mom and pop shop.

37. Blown away by the quality of these shoes. I bought these for Coby and he loves them. they’re very lightweight. Easy to get on and off, come in a lot of colors and under $25.

38. These acne patches….WOW, they’re so cool! Put them on your blemish at night before bed and by morning the patch has either absorbed it or it is drastically reduced.

39. This is my favorite purse! I have it in this color and silver. I also get loads of questions from people everywhere I go when I use this bag. It’s so affordable, great quality and comes in many colors.

40. IM OBSESSED with this tumbler! it keeps my drinks even colder than my hydroflask and for a fraction of the price. I have the marble and midnight patterns. IT’S THE BEST!

41. This Samsung Galaxy tablet cover has been a lifesaver for Coby’s tablet. he is notorious for dropping his device at least once a day. We use this in conjunction with a screen protector and it has not cracked!

42. Got annoying soap scum and hard water spots on your glass shower doors?!… THIS stuff is a lifesaver use it with a soft scrub sponge and those spots come off easily!

43. I have this quilted bedding set on our bed and LOVE it! The colors are so pretty, it’s so nice and affordable for the price.

44. If you’re loving the biker shorts trend then sister these will be your jam! they’re amazing quality, high waisted, so comfy, and come in a bunch of colors.

45. LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. helps with my dry, bleached hair to keep it soft and healthy.

46. I bought this body pillow for after surgery to keep me propped up and comfortable in bed. IT IS A LIFESAVER! The quality….WOW.  It is soooo SOFT, plush and comfy. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone about to have surgery or for you pregnant mamas. It’s also less than $50!

47. I’ve seen these bed sheets all over the gram and every blogger/influencer I know has talked about them, so when it came time for us to buy new sheets I got em and they’re amazing. They’re soft, comfortable and less than $30 for a KING set! blown away!