Making Workwear Work For You​

I can remember years ago when I worked in Home Mortgage how much I loved going to work in an office setting simply because I loved my work clothes. Hated my job, but I got through every day​ knowing I was killing the workwear​ game 😂 haha. I am loving the current workwear trend and how you can easily change up a few little things to make your look office appropriate and transition it to a night out.

Here’s how you can make work wear work for you:

1. Comfort is key! if you work at a desk all day there is nothing worse than wearing restrictive clothing. Flowy skirts, Linen pants/blouses, a nice blazer are work appropriate and are comfy all at the same time.

2. Neutral colors and patterns, such as black, blue, gray, stripes, polka dots with a few splashes of color and texture for accent will get you more bang for your buck you can mix and match and create loads of looks without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.  Finding super affordable pieces to put together is super easy if you search.

3.LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS my friends. The office can be cold or hot at times, plus the whole mix and matching become​ a cinch with layers.

4. ACCESSORIZE!! switch up your big work bag for a small clutch for night time or dainty earrings for statement show stoppers. I usually wore flats as much as I could during the day and I LIVE in my wedges or heels at night to spice up my look.

Here are a few looks I put together and just LOVE and can easily be mixed and matched to make even more looks.

Until next time babes. 😘

~Tiffany ❤️


Top purchased from Nordstrom a few years ago similar found Here Faux leather skirt Here Clutch was my grtandmothers that she got back in the 80’s. Cute and similar Here My pretty studded heels were a gift from my SIL years ago also from Nordstroms they no longer sell them, but similar pair Here My shades found Here

White ruffled top found Here Pretty Blue pants found Here Velvet Purse found Here Nude Heels from shoe dazzle but crazy similar found Here My gorgeous colorful faux pearl necklace was custom made from Mandy Bee Jewelry found Here

Pink sweater tunic was purchased last year from BooHoo online similar found Here Lace Leggings bought last year at Target similar Here Velvet Floral stamped booties were a score from Ross. I found the most similar I could find Here Grey cross body was also another score from Ross similar Here

Pretty in Pink

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I am just tickled pink (pun sooo intended haha) with excitement. I mean who doesn’t love a day that celebrates hearts and flowers and love. Plus all the more reason to dress up super cute/fun for your man or just a night out with the girls. There are so many trends that I am seeing this season that I am so thrilled with. When I think of cupids day I think of pink and girly with a touch of sass. I was browsing good ole’ Amazon for a pretty pink skirt and squealed with delight when this fun tulle skirt popped up. It fits the bill for me on soooo many levels. Pink (x), Girly (x), can be dressed up or dressed down (x) and comfortable (x). I paired this fun skirt with my favorite Chambray top to give it a more casual feel. I love this look so much. My cute little bow heels are the cherry on top. I think what I love most about these pieces are that they can be mix and matched with other wardrobe pieces to get lots of looks out of them. You can pair the skirt with a sweater in the winter or sleeveless blouse in summer. I love wearing the chambray top with jeans because I love a jean on jeans look. So many different ways to mix and match the options are endless.

I had an absolute blast shooting this look with my photographer Wander of Wander Aguiar Photography. Such a fun shoot that displays my carefree personality and girly style.

Find this exact skirt Here . Chambray shirt was purchased at Ross but similar option Here . My super fun bow heels can be found Here . My clutch is Vintage. It was my late Grannys and is definitely something I treasure, but I found a similar one Here. Pearl Necklace Here. My absolute favorite shades EVER Here.


~Tiffany ❤

Welcome To The Blog/My First Post!!

I am so so so excited to say Hello and Welcome to Pint Size Glamour girl! This blog has been in the making for quite some time. I have always had a true passion for fashion and beauty since I was just a toddler. I can remember watching Saved By The Bell at 4 years old and admiring Kelly Kapowski’s wardrobe HARD! I’ve always been a girly girl and even now in my 30’s that have never changed a bit.


Overalls: a gift from my best friend, so not sure where they’re from, but linked a similar option here  Lace extenders here Shoes from Target (not available online, but similar option) here Shades from Ross (not available online) similar option here  White shirt just a simple tee you can get anywhere 🙂

To get the ball rolling and to get to know a little more about me I thought I would do 30 random facts about me….
1. I have a crazy love for Music. I believe music can heal and one of my favorite sayings is “where words fail, music speaks.”
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper and Coke.
3. I hoard shoes, for reals, my shoe collection is quite ridiculous. I have no problem giving clothes away, but shoes…. yeah it gives me anxiety to give my shoes away. I collect them and buy outfits to go with my shoes, instead of the other way around.
4. My favorite word is Douche bag and the word s**t is a repeat offender … Classy I know.
5. I got Married to my Snuggle Bunny (Nate) when I was just 19 years young. (when ya know, ya know).
6. I have names for my beloved possessions. for example, my beloved minivan is named Bonnie Blue, my truck is The Dark Knight and my iPhone is named Cordelia.
7. I talk to myself often and my kids always say to me ” so are you talking to me mom, or  yourself?”…. side effects of being a stay at home mom when they were younger and thinking out loud.
8. I am a published model both domestically and internationally.
9. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, but consider Iowa (where I went to college) home. I miss it Every. Single. Day and hope to once again live in the midwest someday.
10. I LOVE to cook and I’m pretty dang good at it. Watching my families smiling faces as they consume one of my meals, bring so much peace and joy to my heart.
11. I have and still do battle depression and anxiety.  I have low days and on those days I usually turn on my “make me feel beautiful” playlist and let the words uplift me and remind me that I’m ok.
12. I love the rain. I think dancing in the rain is a must and a crime if you DONT! ❤
13. Fall is my favorite season. Pumpkin spice, hoodies, boots, FOOTBALL!! gimme, gimme, gimme!
14. I love to read and when I was a stay at home mom I would sometimes read at least 1-2 books a day.
15. When I grow up I want to be The Pioneer Woman. She is precious.
16. My career goals constantly changed growing up (lawyer, teacher, realtor, hair stylist, fashion designer, marketing director, etc.), but the one thing that never changed was my dream of being married to my prince, a stay at home mom living in the suburbs, driving a minivan. I wanted to be the mom off 7th Heaven (haha) I lived my dream and while at times it was hard. I loved it immensely. I miss those SAHM days.
17.  I love to drive. It’s what I miss most about living in the midwest. I used to grab a large Dr. Pepper from Sonic and drive back country roads for hours listening to my playlist. The peace I felt I can’t even put into words.
18. I think San Diego, Ca. is magical and one of my most favorite places on earth.
19. Target is my happy place.
20. I’m pretty sure my paychecks all go to Amazon. I legit get a package a day from them. That damn one-click button is LETHAL.
21. My Dream Car is a 69′-72′ Chevy Chenille. *le sigh* someday my love, someday.
22. My husband is truly my best friend and hero. He is the most tender, understanding, caring man I have ever met and he truly owns me.
23. I drive like a complete lunatic. I know this.
24. My oldest babe (Coby) has Autism and is mostly non-verbal. It makes my job as a mama that much more challenging sometimes. He can have violent outbursts sometimes (hence the anxiety issues) and manic episodes. I will never give up on my boy and that he will keep improving.
25. Being a Mom is by far the greatest gift I will ever receive in my lifetime. I know this and never take a moment with my kiddos for granted. It’s almost unhealthy how much I want to constantly be surrounded by my children. There have truly been days I have kept them home from school purely for selfish reasons. ❤
26. Korean food is my favorite cuisine. (I can easily eat an entire jar of Kim-chi to myself.)
27. I am a Twi-hard fan and Harry Potter nut case.
28. I had my tongue pierced for my 18th birthday. kept it for 6 months and took it out (I was such a rebel)
29. I believe in Taco Tuesday.
30. Saved by The Bell has always been and always will be my favorite show ever.
Welp. that’s all for now. I have so many plans for future posts, so stay tuned and thank you so so so much for stopping by.